Guardian ransomware attack caused probably by MS Exchange Server Vulnerability

    The Guardian, one of the notable news resources of Britain, was reportedly hit by a cyber attack a few hours ago. Preliminary inquires reveal that the attack was of ransomware, though an official confirmation is awaited!

    Unidentified people familiar with the matter state that hackers could have targeted the news firm’s’ IT infrastructure through a vulnerability that was recently discovered in Microsoft Exchange Servers.

    As of now, the company has urged most of its staff to work from home and has asked them to continue it till the Christmas celebrations are over, i.e. till 27th December of this year.

    Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that only a certain section of the media company’s technology operations were hit by the incident and so the general operations of news publishing will continue as usual.

    However, the recovery is expected to take longer because of the holiday season.

    The Guardian has been vocal about the Russian war with Ukraine from the beginning and has been working to support to Zelensky and the west. Therefore, there is a good amount of chance that Killnet, possibly funded by Russian GRU, could have induced the file encrypting ransomware into the Guardian Media Group’s network.

    NOTE– Coincidentally, the incident occurred when Volodymyr Zelenskyy was visiting the United States of America after the start of the war between Kyiv and Moscow. And Putin has condemned the move and reiterated that he will never engage in peace talks with Ukraine as its leader has visited an adversary nation.

    More details about the attack and the ransomware group behind the incident(if any) will be reported shortly.


    Naveen Goud
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