Hackers target Qatar FIFA Worldcup Football 2022


FIFA World Cup Football 2022 that is being held in Qatar is in news for being cyber attacked. According to some confirmed sources, the digital assaults were being witnessed right from the day of the opening ceremony and have increased by many folds since then.

First, the target was a third party that was looking into the decoding service. Reports are in that two servers managing decoding process were disrupted at the beginning of the event. But an efficient business continuity plan saved the event organizers from being hit hard in the day.

Second was the impersonation of the official Qatar World Cup 2022 web page. Where threat actors launched 174 malicious domains mimicking the official one and siphoned currency in foreign denomination from about 72 fans by offering them fake tickets.

With over 2.45 million visitors attending the event on a physical note and over a billion virtually, organizers are expecting the sporting event to be targeted with a humongous attack led by sophistication and complexity.

Moreover, the event organizers are expecting state funded hackers to prey on the World Cup Qatar event in the next few days as the ceremony is about to conclude in a few days of time, i.e., December 18th of this year.

The highlight in the organization of the football world cup in this year is the use of blockchain technology to track stadium tickets. However, there is nothing big to rejoice as cyber criminals have exploited certain flaws in Non-Fungible Tokens to fox fans concerned in buying tickets.

NOTE- Issue of Hayya cards has led to a chaos at most of the gaming venues as many of the enthusiasts bought their tickets that were duplicate or fake.


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