Hackers target Qatar FIFA Worldcup Football 2022

FIFA World Cup Football 2022 that is being held in Qatar is in news for being cyber attacked. According to some confirmed sources, the digital assaults were being witnessed right from the day of the opening ceremony and have increased by many folds since then. First, the target was a third party that was looking […]

Data Security alert for FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022 is all set to start in a couple of days and authorities managing the event are busy taking many measures to keep the venues, players, viewers, audiences, fans and broadcasting free from cyber threats of all kinds. All football fans who are visiting Qatar for the sporting event are being urged […]

Cybersecurity for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar bolstered

FIFA World Cup 2022, the football event that is going to be a cynosure of the entire world, will be held in Qatar this year and authorities and organizers are taking all precautions to bolster the Cybersecurity posture for the entire event. Hotel bookings, ticketing systems, restaurant bookings will probably be the first target for […]

US FBI helps Qatar solve Cyber Attack incident of Qatar News Agency!

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani issued a public statement today accusing two Muslim nations of hacking the state-run Qatar News Agency(QNA) website and its social media accounts in May last year. In an interview given to Qatar TV, Al Thani who is also a Deputy Prime Minister said that his […]

Cyber Attack on Al Jazeera News Network and Social Media platforms

Al Jazeera which is a Qatar-based news organization has made it official that it was a victim of cyber attack. The news organization issued a public statement yesterday which said that all its websites and digital platforms were undergoing systematic and continual hacking attempts which were gaining intensity every hour and were taking various forms. […]

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