Health records of 3 million Norwegians compromised in Cyber Attack

Data of over three million Norwegians was compromised when hackers struck the database of Norway’s Health South East RHF responsible for securing records of patients from countries like Vest Agder, Aust Agder, Telemark, Vestfold, Buskerud, Oppland, Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus, and Ostfold.

Authorities announced the details of the breach on Monday after it received an alert on Saturday from the HelseCERT, the National Information Security Center of Norwegian
Healthcare. The authorities said that the attack took place in a sophisticated manner and so could be prevented.

Kjetil Nilsen, Director of National Security Authority(NSM) confirmed the news and said that it was too early to say how big the attack was and its impact on the healthcare services.

Nilsen added that the attack was launched by an advanced player who could be a state-sponsored actor as they only have the tools and ability to perform such sophisticated attacks. The attack could have been launched to damage the fundamental national interests relating to the area’s infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Catherine M. Lofthus, the CEO of Health South East RHF said that the IT staff of the organization have taken all measures to limit the damage caused by the hack. She added that the staff within the health sector and the government were working on resolving the issue with minimal damage or zero impact.

Note- South East Norway Regional Health Authority is one of the four Regional Health Authorities in Norway. It was created by the merger of Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and Southern Norway Regional Health Authority on June 1st,2007 and is said to be a subordinate to Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Naveen Goud
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