Improve Productivity Across Your Organization with RASP

This post was originally published here by RICHARD APRIL.

Every innovation today revolves around streamlining. We seek the fastest way to get from point A to point B, the fastest way to shop, pay, interact with each other and with other devices, etc. People Build Productivity with RASP.jpgsimply do not have the time to spend that they once did. To save time, organizations are Implementing new tech solutions to stay efficient and competitive. Adopting an application security solution is one of the best ways to save your organization and employees time – allowing everyone to focus on getting their job done. Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) is the newest and most effective way to do so. Here are some of the ways in which a RASP AppSec solution will streamline your business, and affect each department’s productivity.

Security Team: Security teams have to filter through thousands of security events everyday to determine how hackers conduct attacks, if a breach has occurred, and the significance of breaches that have taken place. To do this, they rely on information held separately on database, network, and server logs. They then must manually piece this information together – rarely getting all of the information they need to assess a risk, and removing key information from the context of the attack at large. A RASP AppSec solution automatically generates all of the information on suspicious and malicious behavior, attacks and payloads, suspicious IP addresses, attacker information, and application vulnerabilities – while blocking attacks in real time. This information is stored in one place allowing the team easy visibility into which code is vulnerable and which IP addresses to monitor in the future, saving them time in the information gathering stage that can then be applied to actively securing other assets.

Development Team: Your development team is constantly at work adding features to internal solutions, as well as your product. Expecting them to write secure code and deliver new features by their deadline is unrealistic, which means one of these things will be overlooked – usually security. However, failing to assess code with an eye toward security could mean reputational and financial damage in the face of a breach. A RASP solution integrates into applications to detect and block security threats in real time – without requiring any code changes. This saves developers the time that would be spent locating and patching vulnerabilities to focus on features and functionality; transforming DevOps into DevSecOps, without sacrificing time or security.

Sales: Having robust security features built into your application can also assist your sales team. With hacks and data breaches becoming common, consumers have to be more careful about which web applications they allow to access their information. Built-in security features that protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time, mean that potential buyers wanting to deploy your application within their business will feel less compelled to get security scans done by a third party before purchasing – making your sales process more efficient.

Marketing/ PR: Your marketing and PR team are tasked with spreading awareness about your product, and building trust in your brand and ability. An application security solution facilitates this is two ways. First, including a list of comprehensive security protocols in your features instills a further degree of trust in your users that your application will keep their information secure. Second, attempted attacks on vulnerable code and account takeover attacks will be blocked before they occur, meaning marketing and PR will not have to spend time combating bad press, or attempting to rebuild your brand’s reputation following a hack.

For today’s software dependent businesses, security programs are necessary. However, they are also very complex and time consuming. An application security solution ensures that your organization is safe from attack without expending additional time and resources. Learn more about how RASP enables your applications to protect themselves, so your team doesn’t have to, with the You’ve Been Hacked: Why Web Application Security Should Start with RASP eBook.



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