Indiana sues TikTok for displaying inappropriate content to children


Indiana’s Attorney General Todd Rokita has sued Chinese video sharing mobile application TikTok for showing inappropriate content to children below the age of 13. Todd claimed in his lawsuit that the Byte Dance owned company misleads its users, particularly children, for offering utmost security to consumers information and makes A- rated content to below the underaged.

It is a known fact that it is becoming extremely difficult for parents to totally block their children from being active on social media, as it is occupying an integral part of a life of those above 10 these days.

So, under such circumstances, companies should be extra precautious while delivering content to young minds, as it can divert their minds within no time.

Byte Dance, that moved its headquarters to Singapore at the same time last year, has been trying its best to offer moderated content to school children. But the ads that it offers contain outrageous content that can never meet standards of age-appropriateness.

TikTok has failed miserably on this note and is caught delivering the content day and night to garner billions from the consumers of America.

Additionally, the app is deceiving consumers in believing that their sensitive data is secure, the Republican Attorney General of Indiana is suing TikTok for failing to deliver content as per the age of its users and empower parents with tools and necessities to deal with such situation like filtering content as per the profile, a similar move seen in smart tv’s and streaming services.

NOTE- In the year 2018, the then US President Donald Trump of Republicans issued a ban on TikTok for National security reasons, as the app was found delivering metadata of users to Chinese servers. Seems like Rokita is following the same order, as he is alleging the same with complete evidence.


Naveen Goud
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