Ireland is now a part of the Microsoft Government Security Program (GSP)

Ireland government has proclaimed that it is joining Microsoft Government Security Program (GSP) and so will be getting needed help in defending its country’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Thus the country will now on be able to access source code, much needed information on threats and early alerts on vulnerabilities on all Microsoft (MS) products and services.

Ossian Smyth, the Minister of State for Communication, eGovernance and Economy circulation has confirmed the news and reaffirmed the move to join in the GSP will help state’s digital infrastructure from all future threats arising in current cyber landscape.

NOTE 1- GSP is being offered by the American tech giant for people to trust in its products and services. It has participants from over 45 countries and international organizations representing around 90 agencies.

NOTE 2– In the year 2003, MS announced it is going to give its Windows source codes to nations, fearing any security concerns. Russia, along with NATO, joined hands and appreciated the Satya Nadella’s company for maintaining transparency.

NOTE- But because of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the software giant withdrew all its support to the Putin led nation, thus putting all the windows operating systems in nation in jeopardy. It has even announced that it will no longer support its products and services functioning in the Russian Federation and cancelled the membership of Moscow from GSP.


Naveen Goud
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