Japan to restrict the use of foreign equipment in its private sector due to security concerns


As Huawei 5G network equipment usage has been banned in western nations’ telecom sector development due to concerns over national security, the Japanese government is said to implement the same in the coming days.


The Yoshihide Suga-led government has decided to regulate the use of foreign equipment across 44 industries operating in its region. And that’s due to concerns that the equipment might cause dents to its plans related to national cyber defense.


Therefore, sectors that might see the legislative change execution on them will be electricity, finance, telecom, railroads, government services, and the healthcare sector.


Japan is also planning to monitor companies for compliance and is also ready to prosecute those who are failing to go with the guidelines.


Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that various Japanese government agencies agreed to stop using the equipment supplied by Chinese manufactures such as ZTE and Huawei since 2018.


And as soon as Trump led white house imposed an official ban on the use of Huawei products in the development of 5G networks across the United States, the Japanese government issued an executive order that stated that it is going to follow the words pronounced by Mr. Donald Trump as the equipment posed as a threat to national security.


Huawei opposed the ban and stated that the Japanese political circle was being influenced by North American forces. But couldn’t appeal for the order reversal as it was against the laws in Japan.


Now, after the Colonial Pipeline Hack came into light last week, Japan has decided to bring in an executive order to ban foreign company equipment usage in the private sector.


Note- DarkSide Ransomware gang that targeted Colonial Pipeline last week has reportedly hit Toshiba Business in Europe by the end of last week. And the hackers were demanding $55m to free up the data. However, the FBI and some other law enforcement agencies in the world have shut down the publicly operated infrastructure of DarkSide on Sunday last week- all due to the pressure from the Biden-led government to save the integrity of the nation from being internationally embarrassed when it comes to Cybersecurity.


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