Kaspersky suffers because of the Russian war over Ukraine

Russian has waged a war with Ukraine in February this year and since then it has been trying many tactics to bring its enemy to its knees. Although the entire world is against the war and the killings of the innocent, Vladimir Putin is disinterested in calling off the war as he has lost a lot of time, ammunition, money and resources after the start of the war and is now in a situation where he cannot take a turn back.

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity firm that has nothing to do with the war or its consequences, seems to suffer severely because of the fickle minds of few Russian leaders.

The government of Romania and Germany have announced and passed a bill that the products and services supplied by Kaspersky will no longer approved to be used on the information systems of public sector organizations operating in its region.

Reason, is that the software maker’s origin is from the Putin led nation and there is a high probability that the software developer could gather intelligence and passing it to Kremlin for analysis.

Romanian government fears that the use of the Kaspersky anti-virus solutions might enable Russian federation to launch cyber-attacks and so has issued a ban on the use and purchase of the product/s for the public sector.

UK’s newly elected Liz Truss is also intending to impose an official ban on the software and other European Union Countries are about to follow.

According to a press update released shortly, all state institutions in Romania should replace the Russian software with another within 60 days after the law comes into effect and if found violating, this policy will be entitled to face severe legal consequences or harsh penalties.

NOTE- During the regime of Donald Trump as a President of the United States, Kaspersky was banned from being used in the public sector and the same was announced for the private sector as well. But still there are some companies operating in the healthcare sector that are using anti-malware solution from the said company.


Naveen Goud
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