Kaspersky confirms SMBs are sureshot targets for Hackers

Recent research conducted by Kaspersky has confirmed that Small and Medium Scale businesses are becoming Sureshot targets for cybercriminals, than larger enterprises. In a study conducted between January 2021 to April 2022, researchers have identified that small-scale businesses were three times more likely to be hit by a cyber attack than large business counterparts. What’s […]

Ransomware victims receive threatening phone calls and 9 in 10 firms repay ransom

Wizard Spider, a Russian criminal gang, is reportedly hiring cold callers to threaten ransomware victims into paying up. Highly placed sources report that the received finances will be invested into building sophisticated IT infrastructure, buying access to innovative exploits, and hiring expert talent. Cyber Threat Intelligence company Prodaft discovered in its research that the hackers […]

Russian Cybersecurity software provider Kaspersky is banned

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a press statement on Friday last week, determining a ban on Russian Cybersecurity software provider Kaspersky deeming the firm as a threat to US National Security. FCC also extended the list by adding two other companies, China Mobile International USA and China Telecom Corp, and stated that they will […]

Russia Kaspersky to be banned in Germany

Kaspersky has hit back at the recently released advisory of German authorities that urges organizations to stop using products of the said Anti Virus firm, due to the tensions prevailing between the West and the Russian federation. A couple of days back, some of the German government organizations using anti-malware and threat detection solutions from […]

Kaspersky discovers long time Malware based espionage campaign

Russian Security Firm Kaspersky has uncovered an espionage campaign that was targeting Persian-speaking people in Iran. And information is out that the campaign could have started by a hacking group dubbed Ferocious Kitten that has been active since 2015 and was conducting spying through a highly sophisticated malware named MarkiRAT.   Why the malware spreading […]

Top 5 Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) Chinese intelligence-backed hacking group APT41 has given a hint that its hackers were behind the cyberattacks launched on Air India and SITA-the IT and Telecom solutions provider to the air travel industry. In both incidents, vital data belonging to passengers was accessed and stolen by hackers last month. And the stolen information includes ticket […]

Kaspersky says most of the ransomware victims cannot get back their data

To all those who think paying a ransom would help in retrieving back their data from hackers, here’s research that proves it wrong. According to a survey carried out by Kaspersky, over 50% of ransomware victims have claimed that they did not get back their data as promised by hackers even after they bowed down […]

Employed software resulted in 30% of Cyber Attacks in 2019

Software tools used to support employees in their day-to-day office administration tasks are reported to have accounted to 30% of Cyber Attacks in 2019 says a report released by Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Global Emergency Response team CIOs of companies should be extremely concerned with the newly released report statistics as the software meant to help […]

Best Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android devices

In the world of smart phones, no one wants their devices to struggle with security incidents, and this is where Mobile Security apps prove handy. For those who want such solutions to monitor their devices, here’s a list of best mobile security apps helpful in defending Android and iOS devices from cyber attacks. Avast Mobile […]

Ransomware news trending for the day

INTERPOL, a globally recognized crime-fighting agency has teamed up with Cybersecurity firm to declare the WannaCry 3rd anniversary as the ‘Anti-Ransomware Day’. On May 12th, 2017, hackers suspected to be from North Korea launched a ransomware attack on the hospital networks of NHS and across the world disrupting operations of more than 300,000 computers worldwide. […]

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