Microsoft offers free cloud security logs after CISA recommend

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Microsoft will from this coming September (2023) offer cloud security logs to all its customer, a service that was reserved to premium customers, till date. The announcement came just after the revelation made by Reuters about a possible Chinese hack into the MS Office 365 email government servers of the United States, that could have possible leaked classical data to the Republic of China.

Thus, Microsoft Purview Audit will offer cloud security logs to all its Audit standard customers and will store the same content from an earlier period of 90 to now 120-180 days, based on the customization made by its consumers.

Earlier, not much was being offered to the customers of the Windows OS giant using a standard account.

Now due to the breach criticism and newly discovered coding flaws, the Satya Nadella led company seems to have bowed down to the demands of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to provide security log info for zero cost.

Meanwhile, in other news related to Microsoft’s development with AI, the company has made it official that its AI powered 365 Office Copilot will be available for a starting price of $30/month with which users can generate emails and content with the integration of ChatGPT and speed up the analysis process of excel files. The release data of the product is yet to be disclosed, but will closely be associated with the same time-line that of Google Workspace.


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