Microsoft uses Artificial Intelligence to fight against Cyber Attacks

American software giant Microsoft has announced that it will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fight and thwart threats in Cyber Space. The San Francisco-based company made it official in its announcement that it will add a cloud-based security intelligence to the feature of its anti-virus stack from now on to prevent hackers invading Windows 10 operating systems.

After the upcoming Windows Fall Creators Update, Windows Defender Software will offer Advanced Threat Protection to all Windows 10 users. This includes the ability to fight and thwart cyber attacks of any variant and that includes ransomware attacks as well.

Last month, i.e. in May ’17, almost the whole world witnessed an outbreak of Wanna cry Ransomware attack which hit more than 200,000 computers working across 150 countries. Security analysts said that the hackers who launched this attack used a Windows exploit exposed by NSA in April this year.

On the other hand, NSA blamed Microsoft for providing insecure operating systems to its users which further deepened the security and privacy concerns of Win users.

On Tuesday this week, hackers targeted companies across Europe with a mimic of Wanna cry ransomware named as Petya. The attack crippled almost all enterprises operating in Ukraine and Europe.

Thus, after analyzing all the latest cyber attacks on its OS variants, Microsoft has finally decided to fight and thwart them with a single solution, which, it plans to release in the upcoming fall.

The update will have “Windows Defender Exploit Guard” which gives companies a proactive way to control and restrict a code’s operation on computer networks. Means, users can use the updated version of Windows Defender Antivirus to conduct application restriction per machine and block execution of unknown files using “Device Guard” Technology.

Consequently, the new technology will help Microsoft OS users to monitor overall endpoint security health by timely identification of flaws in the network.

More details will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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