Mitigate your Maritime Cyber Threats with ShipSecure


    World Link Communications has made it official that its latest solution suite named ‘ShipSecure’ has the potential to thwart cyber threats of any range targeting the shipping community.

    Thus, by offering a ShipSecure suite, World Link Communications happens to be the world’s first company to provide services that help mitigate cyber threats targeting vessels by delivering real-time threat assessment and defense over the satellite data stream.

    Nowadays, as vessels are using sophisticated broadband services to conclude their day to day activities, they are becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks like any business ashore.

    This is where ShipSecure shows its prominence by offering real-time protection and threat mitigation through a multi-layered approach addressing cyber threats at each level of a vessels network infrastructure. The suite provides network security managers a vision of the fleet’s security posture through a number of customized configurations and real-time reporting.

    On an overall note, ShipSecure offers advanced malware protection, application awareness, URL & IP Filtering, advanced identity control, and network firewall capabilities.

    Now, to those who aren’t aware of the hacking activities in the maritime field, here’s a bit of knowledge share.

    In 2014, reports emerged in the media that hackers were working with drug smuggling gangs to breach the digital tracking devices on the ships in order to locate the containers carrying large amounts of drugs before time. Thus, by taking the help of hackers, Drug peddlers were able to dispatch their own drivers to retrieve the containers ahead of the scheduled collection time.

    Trend Micro discovered in its 2016 research that many hacking instances go unreported in the field of Maritime. This can be due to the negligence of the ship owners or the staff members working onboard or lack of awareness in them on how hackers are pushing them into losses.

    The report says that cyber criminals use different tactics to intercept sensitive information from databases or SCADA  systems which are often used on ships. And this could lead to serious consequences like changing the course of the ship to a new location where the menace of pirates is high or such. Sometimes, hackers can intercept very high or ultra-high frequency signals to collect info about networks or the physical security plans of ports, cargo or vessels.

    So, in order to smartly counter all such issues, World Link Communications is presenting ShipSecure suite which helps in protecting data stream before it arrives or leaves the vessel and helps in mitigating all variants of maritime cyber threats.

    Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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