Most Infrastructure as a Service Cloud providers hit by ransomware this year


Sophos has compiled a report and released it stating 67% of IaaS cloud providers were hit by ransomware this year and the numbers to increase by a double fold this year. Unpatched vulnerabilities and configuration errors made it easy for hackers to steal info and encrypt data on the servers related to the cloud.

FYI, IaaS is a cloud computing server where an individual or a company offers computing, storage, and networking resources on demand and the user can pay-as-you use model, making it into one of the profitable businesses in the world of computing technology.

Experts from Sophos claim that users usually lack the visibility into the in-house resources and their configurations and it cuts down the ability to detect, investigate and remove threats in their IaaS cloud infrastructure. But isn’t it a workload of the operator or a CSP…?

Coming to the other news, Keralty Multinational Healthcare Organizations based in Columbia released a press update that it became a victim of a ransomware attack disrupting its website and company operations to a certain extent since Sunday.

Because of this malware attack, Keralty’s subsidiaries suffered Colsanitas, Sanitas USA and EPS Sanitas have suffered a cut down to medical records access and thus impact scheduling of medical appointments of over half a million patients from a total count of 6 million.

Unconfirmed sources from the Columbia’s Healthcare provider claim that disruption was caused because of a file encrypting malware attack on a third party that was offering IaaS to the healthcare service provider 371 medical centers spread across Asia, US, Spain and Latin America.


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