No data loss in FAI Cyber Attack


The Football Association of Ireland(FAI) has released a press statement just a few hours ago confirming that no data loss was observed in a cyber attack which took place on its database operating in FAI’s Abbotstown Headquarters on the weekend of June bank holiday.

News is out that a team of forensic experts from KPMG was called into service to investigate the matter related to a malware presence on a payroll server.

Authorities have confirmed that neither the employee data nor the data loaded onto the FAInet system were affected by the cyber incident unlike reported by few news resources at the end of last month.

The incident has been taken seriously by FAI and all precautionary measures to avoid such data hacks have been put in place.

The football association has cleared the air that no payment details were accessed or copied in the data breach as all such info is being handled by third parties which store it Off-site.

Irish Data Watchdog has been notified with the incident and investigation details will reach the office by Monday next week.

Readers of this article have to take note that the crisis took place as soon as Noel Mooney was appointed as an Interim head of the football association, despite his appointment was sharply criticized by Shane Ross, the Minister of Sports, Transport, and Tourism.

Gardai the Police Service Association of Ireland is yet to react to the latest news. But last month a source admitted that they were being asked to coordinate with the KPMG staff on the issue.

Naveen Goud
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