NSA has no faith in ‘Haven’ Security app developed by Edward Snowden


Edward Snowden, the exiled American and an asylum seeker in Russia has developed a new security app named ‘Haven’ which can make your android phone, tablet or PC into a security system to detect physical tampering.

The open source app which has been developed by the NSA Whistleblower is being aimed at world’s most sensitive users of technology like journalists, activists or dissidents indulged in repressive regimes.

Edward Snowden’s Haven app can be used by users who not just fear about hackers or online surveillance (espionage) programs, but also have a dislike towards the privacy checks done by police, intelligence agents or other intruders who can simply break into a home, office or hotel room and steal vital info from a device.

Designed to be installed on a cheap Android Burner, the security app uses the phone’s camera, microphone and even the phone’s accelerometer to detect or track any motion, sound or disturbance in the room. It can also photograph an innocent housekeeper entering your room or an intelligence agent trying to install spyware on your device.

The app also has the capability to use the phone’s light sensor to trigger an alert if the room goes dark, or an unexpected flashlight flickers.

Edward Snowden, who became a director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation in early 2016, said that his team is now working on the aspect to detect if malware on an iPhone is transmitting its user data to remote servers.

United States National Security Agency (NSA) says that it doesn’t have faith in the ‘Haven’ app developed by the former NSA Contract Edward Snowden. And a spokesperson from the law enforcement agency added that the app will lack the “Trust” factor among users and so might fail on a complete note as it is being designed by a Russian asylum seeker.

Naveen Goud
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