Omni hotels hit by a possible ransomware attack


    Omni Hotels, a Texas-based resort chain, has announced that some of its IT systems are experiencing technical difficulties, resulting in slowed or intentionally shut down digital services.

    While the incident is still under investigation, there are indications that it may be a ransomware attack. Hackers purportedly disrupted phone lines, point-of-sale units, and briefly locked down digital services during the Easter weekend.

    Despite the disruption, Omni Hotel’s staff responded promptly and provided manual assistance to guests and visitors with professionalism and courtesy.

    The primary aim of such cybercriminal attacks is to instill panic among customers and compel the victim to pay a ransom. However, resilient establishments like Omni Hotels possess robust infrastructure and skilled personnel to thwart such malicious attempts effectively.

    Nevertheless, many vulnerable targets fail to address previous security flaws, making them susceptible to repeated attacks, sometimes as frequently as two to three times a year. Therefore, it’s imperative for businesses to adopt proactive cybersecurity measures and remain vigilant against potential threats.

    It’s crucial to acknowledge that there is no foolproof solution for combating such attacks, and no industry appears to be immune to file-encrypting malware assaults. As the investigation into the incident continues, it remains unclear whether it was a ransomware attempt or a denial-of-service attack.

    ON April 15th,2024, Daixin Ransomware gang allegedly claimed that they were responsible for the file encrypting malware attack and data steal and threatening to leak the siphoned information on the dark web, if their ransom demands aren’t accepted.

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