Play Ransomware attack news and Extortion Attempt on Water utility


A ransomware named Play hit an entire judiciary system, therefore forcing the officials to shut down the IT systems since August 13th 2022. Argentina Judiciary of Cordoba is a government-based service that was hit by the malware last week, forcing the officials to use pen and paper for submitting official documents and to purview other administrative tasks.

Cadena 3, a news resource from Argentina, confirmed the attack on the Judiciary system and stated that a cyberattack contingency plan was activated to recover the IT systems and online portal from the pangs of the digital attack.

Microsoft, Cisco, Trend Micro and a third-party firm were hired to investigate the attack, confirm sources.

How the ransomware entered the IT infrastructure of the Court of Cordoba is apparently being investigated, as unconfirmed sources suspect the hand of an insider. As all the encrypted files are ending with (.) play extension, Argentinian Cadena 3 concluded that the attack could have been targeted by Play Ransomware group that was first discovered in June 2022.

The other news that is related to ransomware and trending on Google is about a water utility that supplies drinking water to customers.

South Staffordshire water utility claims that cyber criminals belonging to a noted extortion gang tried their best to compromise the water being supplied to Cambridge Water and South Staffs water customers. However, the cyber criminals failed to take over the control of the supply systems, as the water utility was having robust cyber security measures in place to tackle and neutralize such incidents.

CLOP Ransomware gang is suspected to be behind the attack, as they have posted some stolen documents on the dark web, alleging to have siphoned from the servers of South Staffordshire.

More details are awaited!


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