2021 Insider Threat Report [Gurucul]

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Insider threats continue to rise in the new normal of widespread work-from-home and economic uncertainty. As organizations adapt to the new normal, it is important to reflect on what drives the increasing risk of insider threats and how the situation is worsened with more employees
working from home than ever before, using new applications and tools, and relying on cloud apps.

The 2021 Insider Threat Report reveals the latest trends and challenges facing organizations in this new environment. The report explores how IT and cybersecurity professionals deal with risky insiders and how organizations are preparing to better protect their critical data and IT infrastructure.

Key findings include:

• Virtually all organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks (98%)
• A majority of organizations (85%) consider unified visibility and control across all apps, devices, web destinations, on-premises resources, and infrastructure extremely to moderately important
• 82% of organizations find it difficult to determine the actual damage of an insider attack
• 49% of organizations can’t detect insider threats or can only detect them after the data has left the organization
• Only 11% of organizations consider their monitoring, detecting, and response to insider threats extremely effective

We would like to thank Gurucul for supporting this important research.

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