2023 State of Security Report [Forcepoint]

Organizations are experiencing significant cybersecurity challenges intensified by rising threat levels, new attack vectors, hybrid work environments, and the continued shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

The 2023 State of Security Report surveyed over 340 cybersecurity professionals from North America to reveal the key challenges cybersecurity teams are facing, how they solve cyber issues, and the security technologies organizations prioritize.

Key findings include:

• 84% of companies feel cybersecurity policy management has become more difficult. One key reason is policy sprawl, as it increases the complexity of security and meeting compliance.

• 84% of companies report security alerts are becoming increasingly overwhelming as more security tools are added to the mix. This adds to the desire to consolidate tools and dashboards to introduce simplicity and increase control and visibility.

• Nearly half of all companies (44%) believe consolidated platforms will be the most effective approach to security over the next decade.

• The top three benefits companies have gained after adopting Zero Trust are secure user access (35%), simplified security controls (19%), and malware prevention (15%).

• One in three companies believes simplified security functionality is the top benefit of SASE (33%).

We would like to thank Forcepoint for supporting this important industry research. We hope you find this report helpful as you continue your efforts to protect your organizations against evolving threats.

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