How to Use Network Detection & Response to Mitigate the Inevitable Breach

Given recent high-profile incidents at SolarWinds, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Facebook, Colonial Pipeline, JBS and Acer, it is not surprising that 71% of respondents to a recent Cybersecurity Insiders survey consider network traffic analysis (NTA) to be critically important for detecting threats that have evaded endpoint and perimeter defenses, and 65% have deployed or plan to deploy a Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution.
In this on-demand webinar, hear cybersecurity experts at Enea and Cybersecurity Insiders discuss key findings from this survey, followed by a demonstration of network intelligence technology.  Learn:
  • How and why NDR evolved from standalone IDS and NTA solutions
  • How NDR works, and what types of attacks it is designed to address
  • What features and capabilities CISOs want most in an NDR solution
  • What concerns are holding some CISO back from adopting NDR

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