2023 Security Service Edge (SSE) Adoption Report [Axis Security]

The rapid emergence of hybrid work has placed pressure on CISOs and security architects to transform the way they secure access to their critical business resources. Security teams are being asked to ensure the mix of employees, partners, suppliers, and customers can safely access the wide variety of internal business apps, the Internet, and SaaS apps. However, all these moving parts heighten the risk of cyberattackers exploiting this new work environment.

To solve the challenge of securing hybrid work, CISOs and security architects are forgoing traditional access solutions in favor of Security Service Edge (SSE) services to deliver secure, unified access for the modern business. Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms simplify enterprise access by consolidating ZTNA, SWG, CASB, and DEM technologies and provide secure connectivity for any user to any application, from any location.

Based on a comprehensive survey of 355 cybersecurity professionals, the 2023 Security Service Edge (SSE) Adoption Report delivers insight on the shift away from legacy access solutions and the rapidly growing SSE market in light of the modern workplace.

Key findings include:

• 67% of organizations plan to start their SASE strategy with a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform rather than WAN Edge Services.

• 65% of businesses want to adopt a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform within the next 24 months.

• 47% plan to begin SSE implementation with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) deployment.

• 48% say their primary SSE use case is securing access for their remote and hybrid employees.

We would like to thank Axis Security for supporting this important research.

We hope you enjoy this report.

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