WEBINAR: The State of IDS/IPS: Adapt or Die?


The 2022 State of IDS/IPS survey revealed that 80% of organizations use one or more IDS/IPS, demonstrating that it continues to be one of the most widely deployed security tools in the world. However, respondents also raised serious concerns about IDS/IPS’ ability to detect and protect against the most advanced threats.

Join cybersecurity experts from Enea, Stamus Networks, and Cybersecurity Insiders as they discuss the key findings of this survey and demonstrate how next-generation DPI can be integrated with IDS/IPS to future-proof it as IT networks and cyberattack tactics evolve.

You will learn:

o How IDS/IPS deployment patterns have changed, and about evolving trends
o How far anomaly detection in IDS/IPS has come and what weaknesses remain
o About the gaps in IDS/IPS protocol recognition, and how to extend coverage
o Why wide-spread encryption is a serious threat to IDS/IPS, and what is being be done
o About the possible future of open-source IDS/IPS

Security managers will find the discussion and report useful in evaluating their own cyber security strategies, and IDS/IPS developers will be able to align product roadmaps with evolving user needs and concerns.

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