2021 Network Detection and Response Report [ENEA Qosmos]

Recent high-profile incidents at companies like SolarWinds, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Facebook, Colonial Pipeline, JBS and Acer highlight the significant harm caused by advanced cyberattacks. These types of attacks can successfully circumvent endpoint and perimeter
defenses, remain hidden and active in networks for a long time, and are capable of causing extensive damage.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions are designed specifically to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. NDR is a solution that combines the signature-based threat detection capabilities of IDS/IPS with Network Traffic Analysis, which detects unknown or hidden threats through the identification of behavioral anomalies in network traffic.

But how familiar are security professionals with NDR? How many have or plan to deploy an NDR solution? What features and capabilities do they expect in an NDR solution? And what concerns are holding some back from adopting NDR?
To find the answers to these questions, we conducted a survey of Cybersecurity Insiders’ 500,000-member information security community.

For a panel discussion about options and strategies for addressing the needs and concerns raised in this survey, we invite you to watch our webinar How to Use Network Detection & Response to Mitigate the Inevitable Breach.

Many thanks to Enea Qosmos for supporting this important research project.

We hope you find the information shared by respondents useful in assessing and honing your own cybersecurity strategies, and we hope that you enjoy reading the report.

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