The Importance of Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) for SOCs

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As daily headlines attest, network attacks continue to succeed in spite of the arsenal of sophisticated cybersecurity tools deployed in SOCs. Now an emerging behavioral approach to network monitoring, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), is building an impressive track record of detecting suspicious activities existing tools miss – in near real-time.

NTA tools continuously analyze raw traffic and/or flow records (for example, NetFlow) using a combination of machine learning, advanced analytics and rule-based detection. The result is a baseline model of normal network behavior that can be used to detect traffic abnormalities that would otherwise go unnoticed, triggering immediate, contextualized alerts and enabling rapid, effective response activities.

During this on-demand webinar, watch cybersecurity experts Kurt Neumann, Security Architect, Cisco Threat Analytics; Sebastien Synold, Product Manager, Qosmos Probe, Enea, and Holger Schulze, CEO and Founder, Cybersecurity Insiders to discover the results of CI’s recent NTA survey, and to learn why NTA is rapidly becoming a SOC essential. They will present:

  • How NTA works and why it has rapidly gained the attention of cybersecurity experts
  • Examples of persistent cyber threats that can be identified with NTA tools
  • The essential role DPI sensors play in NTA
  • A real-world use case: strengthening an enterprise SOC with NTA
  • How to integrate DPI sensors in an NTA solution

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