Qualcomm releases new Fingerprint Sensor Technology for Mobile Security


Qualcomm which is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunication equipment supplier has unveiled a new Fingerprint Sensor technology to strengthen the security feature in the mobile world.

The California-based company claims that the new innovation makes fingerprint scanning and authentication technology for mobile manufactures much easier, as it offers the privilege of embedding the scanner under the screen display of a smart phone in a novel way.

Nowadays, smart phone manufactures are coming up with phones which have screens up to the edge of the device and so most of them are doing away the home button. But this, in fact, is creating a problem for fingerprint unlocking technology as it doesn’t work through glass or OLED display screens as they are too substantial.

But Qualcomm’s latest ultrasonic fingerprint scanner unveiled works under the display, glass, and metal. The company claims that the new sensor has the ability to detect a heart beat and blood flow and so it will give a very hard time for thieves to lift the fingerprint and gain access by unlocking it.

Qualcomm says that the new technology driven smart phone will open a new era for bezel-less and waterproof smart phones.

A prototype of Qualcomm’s ultrasonic scanning technique was displayed at an industrial trade show in Shanghai.

Chinese smart phone maker Xioami, Vivo, and UK’s Oppo have already tied up with Qualcomm to show Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sense ID Fingerprint Technology.

Qualcomm expects that its new Fingerprint Sensor technology will be adopted by global smart phone manufactures from 1Q of 2018.

Thus, all those who are interested in buying phones which have ultimate mobile security features, Qualcomm is giving you a reason to cheer hereafter.

Note- Qualcomm ventured into the field of mobile security in 2015 as soon as it acquired a government grade biometric Technology Company called ‘Ultrascan’.

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