Ransomware attack exposes Hyundai Logistics Data


Although Kia Motors America has released a press update stating that its computer network disruption was not because of the file encrypting malware attack, but because of a technical server glitch.

However, the repercussions of the cyber attack are clearly visible, though the denial is being made strongly; as the DopplePaymer Ransomware gang has released some Logistics information related to Hyundai Glovis that could have probably been stolen during the cyber incident that targeted Kia Motors last week.

Details of the automobiles to be shipped to various parts of the country and states and some information related to the company’s trucking partner were revealed by the hackers on the dark web, confirming that a data steal and network infiltration took place last week.

Hyundai Motor America did not acknowledge the incident, but a top source from the firm agreed that the car making firm was facing some IT difficulties.

Some customers and dealers are experiencing disruption while accessing the website of the company, and Hyundai Motor America has already addressed the outage as purely technical and nothing to do with any digital invasion.

Note 1- Last week, Bleeping Computer first reported that Kia Motors was targeted by DopplePaymer Gang propelled ransomware attack and reports were in that the hackers group was demanding $20 million to free up the database from encryption and return the decryption key.

Note 2 – DopplePaymer is a notorious criminal gang that indulges in data steal and file encryption techniques until millions of dollars in ransom are paid via cryptocurrency wallets.

Naveen Goud
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