Ransomware attack on NVIDIA


NVIDIA, the silicon processor making company of North America, has issued a public statement that few of its servers were affected by a ransomware attack that has nothing to do with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

As the business and the other commercial activities remain uninterrupted, NVIDIA has pressed a few of its members from its technical team to investigate the nature and scope of the event; as most of its email and intercom, communication has been deeply affected.

The attack was first detected on Friday last week, and was initially determined to be an act of digital war launched by Russia on the west. However, high placed sources from NVIDIA’s senior management confirmed that the incident has nothing to do with the ongoing war and might be conducted for other purposes.

Meanwhile, a short news story emerged in one of the renowned news channels stating that NVIDIA launched a retaliatory cyber attack on the cyber criminals who compromised its network and stole around 1TB of confidential data only to publish them on the dark web on Saturday last week.

Although the chip maker did not confirm the threat actors behind the incident, a British news outlet revealed the hackers’ name as Lapsus$ ransomware group that threatened Nvidia on February 19th, 2022 of facing serious consequences if its demands were left unattended.

Interestingly, those who launched a retaliatory attack (probably related to NVIDIA or few members of Nvidia’s technical team) took down the telegram channel of Lapsus$ Ransomware group and posted X rated content on it, pushing the criminals towards more embarrassment.

Naveen Goud
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