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    After going for a brief hiatus, REvil aka Sodinokibi Ransomware gang has re-appeared on the dark web. The file encrypting malware group that is suspected to be operating from Russia has reinstated its “Happy Blog” and started posting stolen data details that were siphoned from victims who did not pay the demanded ransom of $11 million.

    According to Adam Meyers, the President of the Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, REvil ransomware spreading group’s customer care is also back online and are ready to negotiate new deals who have fallen prey to them already.

    CrowdStrike, that first discovered the re-appearance of the evil ransomware group, confirmed that the same actors were running the gang and were out in lookout for new victims.

    So, large companies having multinational operations in several nations should up their defense-line against ransomware threats.

    Security analysts say that REvil announced in June this year that it is going to retire from its operations and all victims will be offered a free decryption key. The announcement came just days after FBI in a joint operating with some internationally acclaimed law enforcement agencies launched attacks and seized critical servers related to group operations across the world.

    Coming to the second news related to ransomware and trending on Google, Howard University has reportedly become a victim of ransomware attack on Tuesday this week, disrupting online and hybrid undergraduate classes for coming days of this week.

    Howard University has launched an investigation on the incident and has informed the law enforcement about the attack. It has also increased its defense-line against cyber threats and assured that no personal information was compromised or accessed by the hackers.

    The name of the ransomware group that hit the educational institution holding over 11k students has been withheld until the investigation gets completed.

    Third, Commvault, a company that offers data storage related products and services, has announced that it has launched a new ransomware service that was crafted to help businesses plan, defend and recover from file encrypting malware attacks of any range.

    Dubbed Commvault Ransomware Protection and Response Service, it provides resources and needed expert advice to data storage customers using services across on-premise, cloud and SaaS environments.

    Naveen Goud
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