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Tyler Technologies, a Texas based software solutions provider, is reported to have fallen prey to a ransomware attack. However, the company that offers IT solutions to many government agencies in Canada, Australia, Caribbean and local governing agencies in United States says that no data was stolen in the incident and so the impact was minimal.

According to KrebsOnSecurity, some Tyler’s internal systems were disrupted with the file encrypting malware, but had no impact on customer services. Matt Bierri, the CEO of Tyler, confirmed the news and stated that the corporate website will be unavailable for the next few days.

Meanwhile, Group IB that is a Singapore-based security solutions provider is said to have tracked down a new malware spreading group that is seen only targeting businesses operating in Russia with ransomware.

Dubbed as OldGremlin, the hackers are seen targeting most of the corporate businesses in Russia with a ransomware named TinyCryptor. Although not much detail is available about the ransomware, unconfirmed sources say that the said malware can be customized as per the wish of hackers and has the potential to steal data.

The highlight of this discovery is that the said ransomware gang that is demanding $50,000 as ransom is operating from Russian and has breached the rule of not launching attacks on its own soil for reasons.

Third, Ray-Ban business owner is reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack on a recent note. Luxottica, the parent company that owns Oakley, Ray-Ban and other popular brands was hit by the file encrypting malware a few days ago bringing the website services and some production operations to a halt in Italy and China.

As of now, no data seems to be accessed or stolen from the database. However, a detailed inquiry has been launched by the Italian company as it doesn’t want to take any cyber risks later.

The attack appears to have been launched on September 21st, 2020. But the IT staff thought it was server glitch until the next day when the authorities found encrypted files on the servers.

Nicola Vanin stated that Luxottica has the potential to overpower such attacks and will improve all the Incident Response Indicators.

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