Samsung Galaxy users to get new Auto Blocker Mobile Security


Samsung Galaxy users who utilize either 5G or 4G models are about to receive an exciting new feature that grants them enhanced control over their devices. The company is gearing up to introduce “Auto Blocker” through the latest update via One UI 6, which will empower Galaxy users to bolster their device’s security.

Auto Blocker is an innovative feature designed to fortify protection against sophisticated attacks seeking to compromise user data. This security enhancement will focus on three primary areas: malware detection, sideload protection, and defense against Zero-Click attacks via messages.

So, how does the Auto Blocker function?

It acts as an extra layer of security, perpetually scanning for potential malware threats and safeguarding the device against installations initiated through USB ports. This is particularly valuable for users who frequently charge their phones at public charging stations, transit hubs, and restrooms, as it shields them from potential risks.

Samsung has underlined its commitment to providing business-level protection for Galaxy smartphone users. Now, the company is gradually extending these advanced security features to non-enterprise users within the Galaxy smartphone community.

One noteworthy aspect of this feature is its ability to block users from downloading apps and software from unapproved sources, a practice technically known as side-loading. While sideloading offers flexibility, it exposes users to significant security risks.

Additionally, the Auto Blocker offers defense against zero-click attacks that often infiltrate messaging apps. In such attacks, threat actors embed malicious code within text or images, rendering them harmful to access.

It’s important to note that all Galaxy smartphone users can anticipate receiving the Android 14 OS upgrade, coupled with the latest One UI 6 interface. However, the upgrade and security release will be available to select models from the S and M series. Furthermore, the auto blocker update will also extend to devices such as the Galaxy A53, Galaxy A54, Z series smartphones, and the Galaxy 20 series Note, as confirmed by the South Korean Electronics giant.

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