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In what passes for a quiet week in the cybersecurity space, here are some of the top security headlines for the week of July 11, 2017:

  • According to the Economic Times, cyber insurance companies haven’t been hit with claims from the summer’s cyberattacks – yet. “It would only need a combination of WannaCry’s wide reach and Petya’s destructive force to cost cyber insurers something like $2.5 billion…” Oh good – something to look forward to!
  • In news that won’t surprise your family, 57% of IT security professionals work weekends. But those weekend warriors are up for the challenge, as 97% indicated they still found their jobs rewarding and 85% plan to stay in the field.
  • Realism in cybersecurity? That’s Robert M. Lee’s goal and it means some people need to calm down. “It’s worse than people think and far better than people want to imagine.”
  • SIM swapping is here, so should you stop using your mobile device for two-factor authentication?
  • With an industry being built around ransomware, you can’t afford not to update your software.
  • You are not free to surf about the cabin if you’re flying an Indian airline – or any airline in Indian airspace. The country’s government won’t allow Wi-Fi onboard commercial flights for fear of a cyberattack.

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