Real Talk with CCSPs: An Interview with Panagiotis Soulos

“Cloud is the present, and the future. It affects everything, every day, both in business and our personal lives.” With these words Panagiotis Soulos summarizes his philosophy of why the CCSP credential is important to any cybersecurity professional. Panagiotis holds the position of the Global Information  Security Manager in Global Information Security at Intrum. We […]

Update – New Process for (ISC)² Exam Registration

Are you ready to take your (ISC)² exam? If so, there is a slight change to the process! When you’re ready to schedule your exam, please log in to your account at isc2.org.* Whether you’re pursuing your first (ISC)² certification, a certified member pursuing an additional certification or an (ISC)² Candidate, you will log in […]

Latest Cyberthreats and Advisories – March 17, 2023

Cybercriminals pounce on SVB collapse, privacy concerns around ChatGPT and the FBI warns of a rise in crypto scams. Here are the latest threats and advisories for the week of March 17, 2023.    By John Weiler  Threat Advisories and Alerts  FBI Warning: Cryptocurrency Investment Schemes on the Rise  The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) […]

SVB Collapse: A Stark Warning for Technology and Cybersecurity Startups!

By Dave Cartwright, CISSP  A week is a long time in most business sectors. In the intertwined world of banking and startups, it feels like an eternity as both sides deal with the fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB); the financial crisis impacting a myriad of startups suffering cashflow loss and disruption, […]

Cybersecurity Industry News Review – March 21, 2023

KillNet is bad for your health, TikTok facing further bans, ransomware impacts cancer test results, Russia allegedly increasing its cyberwarfare efforts.   By Joe Fay  Microsoft Demonstrates How KillNet Is Bad for Our Healthcare Sector  Microsoft has highlighted a rise in DDoS attacks on healthcare organizations, mapping a three-fold increase in attacks over three months. It […]

Analysis: Lookalike Confusable Domains Fuel Phishing Attacks

By John E. Dunn  Phishing attacks depend on creating huge numbers of lookalike ‘confusable’ domains. A new report has highlighted the most prevalent examples and suggested a way to detect phishing domains before they are used in anger.   Ever since phishing attacks gathered steam two decades ago, the ability of criminals to create ‘confusable’ or […]


By John Weiler   FBI arrests Breached hacking forum leader, smartphones hijacked without any user involvement and 330,000 customers compromised in Australia by a data breach. Here are the latest threats and advisories for the week of March 24, 2023. Threat Advisories and Alerts  CISA and FBI Release Advisory on LockBit Ransomware  The U.S. Federal Bureau […]

Analysis: Will ChatGPT’s Perfect English Change the Game For Phishing Attacks?

By John E. Dunn  Nobody predicted how rapidly AI chatbots would change perceptions of what is possible. Some worry how it might improve phishing attacks. More likely, experts think, will be its effect on targeting.  Much has been said about the game-changing abilities of ChatGPT since it was launched in November 2022. One of the […]

(ISC)² Listens: Women Working in Cybersecurity 

This month, we asked women in the (ISC)² Blog Volunteers group to weigh in on a few questions from their perspective as a female working in cybersecurity. While their experiences in the industry have varied, this group unanimously responded that they currently receive equal pay to their male counterparts. These volunteers also feel that they […]

Ferrari Warns Customers Their Personal Data Might Have Been Hijacked

Red Team 2, Ferrari 0?  Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari has warned its small but extremely wealthy list of customers that their personal information may have been exposed in a “cyber incident.” The apparent data grab was disclosed five months after the supercar icon denied it had been breached when the RansomEXX group posted […]


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