The Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a highly respected cybersecurity certification that addresses the needs of professionals and employers for robust and adaptable cloud security expertise. As cyber threats continue to escalate, the demand for skilled cloud security professionals surges, and the CCSP offers a rigorous, vendor-neutral program designed to bridge this talent gap.

What are the biggest barriers holding back cloud adoption in your organization?

The ongoing lack of qualified cybersecurity talent with the necessary knowledge and experience continues to be the most critical barrier to faster cloud adoption (37%). This is followed by legal and regulatory compliance issues (30%) and data security and leakage risks (29%). [Source: 2023 Cloud Security Report produced by Cybersecurity Insiders]

The CCSP demonstrates professionals have the advanced technical skills and knowledge in securing data, applications, and infrastructure in the Cloud. This vendor-neutral certification not only showcases a solid foundational understanding of pivotal cloud security concepts but also demonstrates the holder’s adaptability across different scenarios and platforms. It’s an ideal certification for IT and information security professionals seeking to prove their proficiency in cloud security and protecting critical assets in the Cloud.


The cybersecurity sector is confronted by a pressing talent shortage, as highlighted by the ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study 2023. With the proliferation of multi-cloud deployments, the complexity of securing these environments, together with the demand for certified professionals, has surged. CCSP-certified professionals come equipped with the expertise to implement best practices in cloud security architecture, design, and operations to effectively protect cloud environments against ever evolving security threats.


The ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) credential is a testament to the certified professional’s deep understanding and expertise in cloud security.

Here is a highlight of the unique features that make this certification stand out:

  1. Vendor-Neutral Approach: CCSP champions a vendor-neutral perspective, emphasizing industry best practices and ensuring seamless cloud security expertise across multi-cloud or mixed cloud environments.
  2. Rigorous Requirements: Unique in its requirement for cloud experience (1 year), IT experience, and information security experience, the CCSP stands apart in its rigorous standards.
  3. Accreditation: The CCSP certification is accredited by ISC/IEC/ANAB for internationally recognized cloud standards, such as ISO/IEC 17024, 17788, 17789, 27017, and 27018.
  4. Continuous Learning: CCSP mandates ongoing professional education, ensuring that certified professionals remain current on emerging threats, technologies, regulations, standards, and practices.


With the CCSP from ISC2, professionals are not just gaining a title; they are showcasing a specialized, in-demand skill set in the evolving cloud security landscape. Here are some of the key benefits that accompany this achievement:

  1. Career Progression: The CCSP certification can significantly elevate your professional stature, opening doors to new opportunities and higher visibility within the industry.
  2. Versatile Skills: With its vendor-neutral focus, CCSP imparts skills that can be applied across different technologies and methodologies.
  3. Credibility: The certification demonstrates a solid foundation to protect against cyber threats effectively.
  4. Networking: As an ISC2 member, professionals gain access to a robust peer network, exclusive resources, educational tools, and networking opportunities.
  5. Higher Compensation: CCSP certification can lead to higher compensation. Certification Magazine’s 2023 survey lists average salaries of $137,100 (U.S.) and $115,150 (globally).
  6. Expanded Knowledge Base: Certified professionals develop a deeper and broader understanding of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®) in cybersecurity.

Cloud is in the present and it will be here in the future. Every company will always have a footprint in the Cloud. The CCSP is a credential that, as a cybersecurity professional, you need to invest in. It is an asset that will serve you for years.” Panagiotis Soulos Global Information Security Manager Intrum, Athens, Greece


  1. JOIN ISC2 AS A CANDIDATE: Begin your CCSP journey with ISC2 membership. Candidates get perks like 20% off training and 30-50% off textbooks. Start here:
  2. ACQUIRE THE NECESSARY EXPERIENCE: CCSP requires at least five years of cumulative, full-time experience in IT, with three years in information security and one year in one or more of the six domains in the current ISC2 CCSP Exam Outline: (1) Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design, (2) Cloud Data Security, (3) Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security, (4) Cloud Application Security, (5) Cloud Security Operations, (6) Legal, Risk, and Compliance.

    Without the experience? Pass the CCSP exam and become an Associate of ISC2, then gain the required experience within six years.

  3. STUDY FOR THE EXAM: ISC2 offers numerous self-study resources to help candidates prepare. Some CCSP candidates pass the exam through self-study, while others opt for Official ISC2 Training to refresh their knowledge.
  4. PASS THE EXAM: The CCSP exam has 150 questions with a four-hour time limit.
  5. COMPLETE ENDORSEMENT: After passing the exam, candidates have nine months to complete the ISC2 endorsement process.
  6. MAINTAIN CERTIFICATION: Certified ISC2 members recertify every three years by earning CPE credits and paying an annual maintenance fee (AMF) to support
    ongoing professional development.


ISC2 collaborates with global partners to deliver Official CCSP Training tailored to different learning styles and preferences.

Their Online Self-Paced Training utilizes AI for a personalized adaptive learning experience, complete with engaging materials and progress analytics.

The Online Instructor-Led option offers domain-focused content via live sessions, fostering collaboration in a virtual classroom, while the Classroom format provides in-person, small group sessions facilitated by ISC2 Authorized Instructors.

For more details on training options, visit

Certification from widely recognized bodies like ISC2 clarifies factual information versus opinion. In cloud security, it’s important to provide recommendations based on facts supported by data. The CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK®) is a great source of information in that respect.” – Vanessa Leite Principal Strategy and Consulting CyberCX, Wellington, New Zealand


In an era where cloud security is paramount, the CCSP certification is ideal for professionals seeking to validate their expertise and for organizations in search of competent cloud security experts. With its stringent standards, continuous learning approach, and comprehensive training options, the CCSP is indisputably the leading cloud security certification that adds immense value to cybersecurity professionals. Successfully passing the exam proves the certified professional’s advanced understanding and technical capability to effectively design, manage, and protect data, applications, and infrastructure in the Cloud using best practices, policies, and procedures.


ISC2 is an international nonprofit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Best known for the acclaimed Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®) certification, ISC2 offers a portfolio of credentials that are part of a holistic, pragmatic approach to security. Our association of nearly 500,000 members, associates and candidates strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry.

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