The Worst Passwords of 2017!

Despite incessant warnings from security experts, many people are still found using weak and easily guessable passwords to protect their web accounts and devices. California based security firm SplashData has discovered this fact and has revealed the list of the worst passwords used in 2017 which has been taken from the 5 million passwords leaked […]

Top 5 Cloud Security related Data Breaches!

The Year 2017 has so far witnessed some data slip-ups from the worlds top cloud storage providers and the details are as follows- Accenture- World’s first Cyber Resilience startup UpGuard discovered in its Cyber Risk survey that Accenture left at least 4 AWS S3 storage buckets unsecured. And as a result of this flaw, the […]

Intel announces that Cloud Security fears have vanished!

Intel Corporation’s Security arm has compiled a new report which says that cloud security fears among organizations are coming down and will soon vanish. The company which will kick off RSA Security LLC’s 2017 Conference in San Francisco this week said that the study was made on over 2000 IT professionals who disclosed their mind […]

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