GCHQ claims 5G network of UK is vulnerable to spies from China

Jeremy Fleming, the head of Britain’s GCHQ has warned that the 5G network which is about to be launched next year in the UK is extremely vulnerable to spies funded by the Chinese government. And he says that if in case, this happens, then it could pose as the greatest cyber threat to national infrastructure […]

LTE data transmission is vulnerable to hackers

Researchers have found few mobile security loopholes in the data transmission of LTE networks aka 4G networks. Experts say that the vulnerability identified recently is found to affect almost all mobile phones and tablets connected to 4G networks. And the weakness could also spread to the upcoming mobile telephony standard 5G. Mobile security researchers from […]

Deployment of 5G might not bolster IoT Security

Last year, US President Donald Trump announced that his government would like to nationalize the next generation 5G wireless networks in a bid to guard against competitive and Cybersecurity threats from nations like Russia, North Korea and from mainly China. The Federal Communications Commission of United States has also confirmed that the move will help […]

US Government to build 5G Network to Protect against Chinese Cyber Threats

The US government under the leadership and guidance of Donald Trump is planning to build a 5G network in a hope that the latest architecture will keep Chinese spying bots at bay. In October last year, White House officials learned from a CIA report that Chinese Intelligence is capable of listening to phone calls and […]

Cisco to offer increased Mobile Security for 5G Users and Carriers

As security demands increase in the upcoming era of 5G mobile networks, Mobile World Congress (MWC), an event being held in Barcelona, Spain witnessed a lot of enthusiasm on this note. Cisco hopes to play a key role in this aspect and so has turned up to the event with a new Security Architecture for […]

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