Possible Cyber Attack on 911 of 4 American States

The 911 emergency services experienced a significant outage in four states—Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Nevada—sending shockwaves through the affected communities. Speculation points to a cyber attack orchestrated by Chinese intelligence, targeting all 50 states. However, only nine states were impacted, with four officially confirming the disruption. Iowa, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Florida are still […]

Google fixes Android bug that blocks users from calling 911

Google has issued a latest security update to all its Android loaded smart phones operating worldwide and has addressed an important issue that prevented mobile users from contacting 911 or other emergency numbers worldwide. Going deep into the incident, a few of the Reddit users reported in December last year that they were being barred […]

Apple fixes 911 cyber attack bug and warns iCloud users of fake calls

Apple which released the latest version of iOS 10.3 has included new features and bug fixes in it which solve the notorious cyber attack bug on 911 emergency call centers. The company has also warned all iCloud account users not to fall prey to fraudsters who are scamming individuals to skim money. In October last […]

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