Google fixes Android bug that blocks users from calling 911


Google has issued a latest security update to all its Android loaded smart phones operating worldwide and has addressed an important issue that prevented mobile users from contacting 911 or other emergency numbers worldwide.

Going deep into the incident, a few of the Reddit users reported in December last year that they were being barred from calling 911 by an apple iPhone as it was crashing as soon as they dial the emergency response number.

A few of them reported on various technology forums that Google seems to block the number as the Biden administration disallowed it from seeking the government services- a completely false and baseless misinformation that also trended on Twitter for few hours on December 23rd,2021.

After launching a deep investigation on this note, the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary concluded that the issue was observed on a small set of devices that were loaded with Microsoft Teams App fetching duplicate PhoneAccounts during emergency call attempt.

Though Satya Nadella led company did not respond to the official disclosure of Google, a spokesperson from the Windows OS giant said that the company was collaborating with web search giant to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Note- Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams is a group chat software that is being used as a business communication platform by many firms worldwide. And after the COVID-19 pandemic emerged across the world, most of the business communication is being conducted through this platform. Also, as of August 2021, Teams is having a 250 million monthly active user account.

Naveen Goud
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