Apps on Google Play Store with in-built Adware

Security researchers from Dr. Web have discovered in their latest study that many of the applications hosted in the Google Play Store were loaded with adware and info stealing malicious software. The most concerning info about these apps is the fact that some applications also have the potential to steal information from other apps such […]

New Adware targeting Apple MacOS run devices by evading detection

A newly found adware in the wild is seen only targeting Apple MacOS devices. And security analysts from SentinelOne argue the adware dubbed as “AdLoad” has the capabilities of stealing and snooping the infected devices. AdLoad can evade the usual Apple Devices Malware Scanners and is seen amassing and transmitting information from victim devices to […]

Mobile Adware makes online banking services as Prime Targets

As per the document ‘Mobile Malware Evolution 2020’ document released by Kaspersky, the online banking services have become prime targets to those spreading Mobile Adware. And the threat report says that hackers are now focusing on improving the quality of adware, rather than raising their victimizing scope with mass attacks. Among the most popular adware […]

How to keep your mobile secure from Malware

A recent study carried out by Avast Threat Labs has discovered that 72% of Android devices operating across the world are prone to adware and this witnessed a drastic increase over last year as the infection percentage was recorded to be 34% than 13% the previous year. Researchers from Avast have confirmed that mobile adware […]

Bitdefender issues Cyber Threat warning on Zacinlo Malware

Romanian Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has issued a cyber threat warning on the spread of Zacinlo Malware. Experts from the said security firm suggest that the adware has the potential to get deep into the operating systems including Windows 10 and has the ability to flood the users with invisible ads. Zacinlo is said to be […]

JUDY Ransomware infects 36.5 million Android Phones

A new ransomware variant called JUDY developed by a Korean firm is on the prowl and is said to have infected around 36.5 million Android Phones operating around the globe, says a research carried out by security solutions provider Check Point. The said malware which has a split personality is capable of not only holding […]

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