Bitdefender issues Cyber Threat warning on Zacinlo Malware


Romanian Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has issued a cyber threat warning on the spread of Zacinlo Malware. Experts from the said security firm suggest that the adware has the potential to get deep into the operating systems including Windows 10 and has the ability to flood the users with invisible ads.

Zacinlo is said to be a malware which infects user computers and opens multiple browser sessions loaded with ad banners and simulates clicks from fictional audiences. The said malware variant is capable of replacing the ads with its own content pages generating revenues for the cyber crooks. As a result of such activity, the ad budgets of companies get disrupted as the content in the advertisements doesn’t reach the targeted audiences.

Bitdefender research states that Zacinlo has the capability of mimicking admin privileges which allows the malware to isolate itself from processes that try to block it or detect and erase it. As the adware gets deeply integrated into the operating system its removal becomes very difficult.
Google Adsense ads have been replaced the most by Zacinlo which also has the ability to delete other adware’ on the infected machine in order to cut down the competition

The study says that the said adware has the ability to take screenshots of apps and programs running on an infected computer and send them to a command and control center for analysis. This activity can prove as a serious user privacy concern if remains unchecked.

Zacinlo malware spread is yet to be confirmed. But the threat is said to be looming mostly on those using computing devices in US, Europe, Brazil, China, and India.

Naveen Goud
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