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Cybersecurity related Acquisition news trending on Google

First its Akamai Technologies that hit the news headlines for acquiring Israel-based startup Guardicore. The Massachusetts based company has made it official that it has acquired Cloud based Network Segmentation Company Guardicore for a price of $600 million. Guardicore offers a software based tool that limits apps from communicating with each other in cloud. Thus, […]

Over 12 billion cyber attacks witnessed in the gaming industry since 2017

Akamai Technologies, a cloud services provider from Massachusetts says that since early 2018 the gaming industry has witnessed over 12 billion cyberattacks- mainly related to credential stuffing. According to the 2019 State of the Internet/Security Web Attacks and Gaming Abuse report of Akamai, the gaming industry has become a software target to hackers as they […]

Online streaming services were cyber attacked 30 billion times last year

Research conducted by Akamai Technologies reports that online streaming services witnessed data breaches over 30 billion times last year. This includes those companies streaming video and music content to online users. The American Content delivery and Cloud services provider’s study named State of Internet/Security: Credential stuffing: Attacks and Economies- Special Media Report states that the […]

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