Akira Ransomware

FBI says Akira Ransomware group raked $42 million

The FBI, in collaboration with CISA, Europol European Cybercrime Centre, and the Netherlands NCSC, has issued a stark warning regarding the Akira Ransomware gang, which has amassed a staggering $42 million from approximately 230 companies as of January 24th, 2024. The Akira criminal syndicate, unleashed into the digital realm in February 2023, has shifted its […]

LockBit takedown surges Akira Ransomware Attacks

Following the takedown of the LockBit Ransomware group’s website in ‘Operation Cronos‘ by law enforcement agencies, there has been a notable surge in the activity of the Akira Ransomware group in recent weeks. This rise has been particularly pronounced since the day of the disruptions of LockBit operation. According to cybersecurity firm Redsense, its security […]

Headlines about ransomware making waves on Google’s trending news

CloudNordic, a Denmark-based cloud service provider, has issued a public statement confirming the unfortunate incident of a ransomware attack that led to the complete deletion of customer data from its servers. Despite their efforts, the company found itself unable to prevent the removal of the stored information, which had initially been encrypted on August 18, […]

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