Amazon hackers direct customers to Adult websites

Saira Khan, who sells organic skincare products on Amazon UK, stated that she was embarrassed by learning that hackers are directing her customers from Amazon to a German company that sells adult toys.   The 51-year old English Television personality stated that her website might also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks shortly and she doesn’t know […]

Amazon TikTok warning to employees was by mistake

The IT services department of Amazon that issued a memo to all its employees on Friday last week regarding the usage of TikTok in its company environment was done by mistake, says an Amazon’s latest press release. Because of security risks, the Amazon IT Services department issued an email warning to its employees that they […]

Amazon defends 2.3 Tbps high volume DDoS Cyber Attack in the history

Amazon Web Services has made it official that its servers which host several websites witnessed a high volume Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in February this year which might probably be the largest in the company history. AWS Shield, which defends the entire Amazon data centers from DDoS attacks has endorsed the news and […]


This post was originally published by(ISC)² Management. Earlier this month, AWS announced that Amazon Detective is now available to all customers, reinforcing their dedication to helping customers hold up their end of the shared responsibility model. This shared responsibility model enables your organization to alleviate the burden of responsibility for the security of the physical infrastructure of AWS […]

How to avoid Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos Mobile Security pitfalls

We all know that Amazon Chief’s Jeff Bezos might have been hacked when he shared his number with a Saudi prince who later used phony tactics to gain access to the world’s richest businessman’s WhatsApp account and stole his private conversations and photos at some time in 2018. Now, to those who are feeling paranoid […]

Saudi Prince hacks Amazon Jeff Bezos WhatsApp number

At a glittering Hollywood party in April 2018, Jeff Bezos who happens to be the world’s richest man exchanged his WhatsApp phone number with Saudi Arabia’s Billionaire Mohammed Bin Salman. The objective of the former was to set up data centers in Saudi Arabia, while the latter had intentions to establish a new business in […]

Amazon employees spy on users of Cloud Cams

Amazon employees from India and Romania have been assigned a task of watching out video footage streamlined from cloud cams without the consent of users. According to a report published in Bloomberg dozens of employees from Amazon are seen watching intimate moments recorded by Cloud Cams on their computer screens which the tech giant claims […]

Payment through Facial Recognition and hands to revolutionize Biometric Authentication

All these days we have seen payments made through cash, cheque, smartphones, bitcoins, online and via e-wallets and cryptocurrency. But can you imagine a tech which helps make payments through a simple smile? Yes, what you’ve read it is right! China has soon started to embrace a new payment technology which allows shoppers to make […]

US Tech Giants follows the new standard to allow users to access health data with ease

Technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have joined hands to provide online consumers easier access to their medical records by joining a new data model at a White House Blue Button Developers Conference recently. CARIN Blue Button API is the data model which offers a specific standard to share health data with ease […]

Amazon and Microsoft battle it out over a US Military Cloud

Tech Giants Amazon and Microsoft are said to be battling for an opportunity to bag a $10 billion project with regards to a US Military Cloud building architecture. Formally called as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or shortly called as JEDI, this military intelligence cloud project is said to help the law enforcement in processing vast amounts […]

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