Russia bans Microsoft followed by Amazon and Google

Russia implemented a sweeping ban on Microsoft Cloud services on March 20th, with plans to extend the prohibition to Google and Amazon web services in the coming weeks. While security analysts cite national security concerns as the primary motive, trade experts suggest it’s a retaliatory measure against sanctions imposed on the country on December 18, […]

France slaps 32 million Euros penalty on Amazon for data privacy concerns among employees

Amazon France Logistique, a subsidiary of the American retail behemoth Amazon Inc., has been hit with a substantial fine of $35 million or €32 million by the Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertes (CNIL), the French data protection authority. The penalty was imposed due to the alleged intrusive surveillance of warehouse staff. CNIL asserted that the […]

Amazon Web Services mandates MFA Security

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taken a significant step toward enhancing security by mandating multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all privileged accounts starting from April 2024. This move aims to mitigate the risks associated with account hijacking, reinforcing the importance of default security measures. Steve Schmidt, Chief Security Officer (CSO) at AWS, stated, “By the end […]

Amazon offers $20m to bolster cybersecurity of K-12 schools

Amazon Web Services has committed a substantial sum of $20 million to support President Biden’s initiative aimed at bolstering cybersecurity measures within K-12 schools. The overarching goal of this initiative, emanating from the White House, is to fortify the databases of elementary, middle, and high schools against the increasing threat of sophisticated cyber-attacks, notably ransomware. […]

Amazon agrees to pay $31m after FTC Privacy and Security charges

Amazon has recently reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and agreed to pay a $31 million penalty in response to two civil complaints. The charges against the retailing giant involved allegations of invading the privacy of its female employees through Ring cameras and failing to delete recordings of children on its Alexa […]

Amazon to replace human staff with AI propelled robots

As expected, the Artificial Intelligence technology is invading our lives so much that it has already started stealing our jobs as robots are being hired as human replacements. The reason is that they do not ask for leaves or weekly offs, work 24/7 if/when necessary, are easy to maintain, do not take sick leaves and […]

Amazon to mimic Walmart in AI drone delivery

Amazon will soon follow in the footsteps of Walmart and will implement a door step delivery through drones. Provided they are within the vicinity of store and their geographical interface is conducive for drone deliver ecosystem. Walmart, on the other hand, has made an official announcement that it is going to expand its drone delivery […]

Artificial Intelligence cuts down packaging issues for Amazon

From January 3rd, 2022, Amazon will be solving most of its packaging issues with the help of AI based machine learning tools. Meaning, the Jeff Bezos led company will be amalgamating computer vision and natural language processing to ‘guestimate’ the right amount of packaging required to pack millions of products it ships to its customers. […]

Truth behind Amazon stealing financial credentials of customers via Cyber Attack

From the past few days, a group of techies on Git-Hub churned out a conversation claiming Amazon stealing the financial credentials of its customers through a cyber attack. But the truth is out that the attack is being launched by some hackers impersonating the retail giant and not by the actual staff of the Jeff […]

United States to use Amazon, Google and Microsoft to bolster security against Ransomware Attacks

As more and more companies are becoming soft targets for ransomware spreading gangs, United States is all set to knock the doors of big technology companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to offer protecting collaboratively. Named as Joint Cyber Defense Collaboration, the initiative will allow the Department of Homeland Security to officially seek help from […]

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