Data Privacy threat to Americans from Biden government

In continuation to what NSA is doing, the 100-day-old Biden Government has plans to monitor the online and digital communication activity of American citizens. As per the report on CNN, this public surveillance program will be carried out by Department of Homeland Security and will be done by collaborating with private companies, mainly those belonging […]

Joe Biden to invest $9 billion to strengthen North America Cybersecurity

US President Joe Biden, who is about to take charge on January 20th, 2021, is planning to pump in an investment of $9 billion to strengthen the Cybersecurity posture of North America in the international arena. The decision might have been influenced after the Solarigate data breach scandal was unveiled to the world by FireEye […]

Telecom operators in North America hit by DDoS Cyber Attack

Telecom operators in North America were reportedly hit by a Distributed Denial of Services Cyberattack on Monday afternoon in what is believed to be touted as the largest cyber-attack launched on the telecom operators of America to date. The list of the companies offering cell phone services and which have been targeted included T-Mobile, Metro […]

1 in 5 Americans are hit by ransomware

The Harris Poll survey conducted recently says that 1 among 5 Americans were hit by a ransomware attack in this year. And researchers say that the conclusion was driven after gathering responses from over 2000 American respondents. Cybersecurity study conducted by the New York-based analytics company also suggests that government and businesses should indulge more […]

Expectations from the 5G network revolution are high in the United States

As the world is getting ready for a 5G Network transformation expectations are getting high from the 5G revolution. Analysts suggest that the network will run with 10 to 100 times faster speed than the present generation of 4G and will be more secure than what the current day stats are showing up. To those […]

Bad Cyber Security practices in 8 Government Agencies

Over 8 government agencies have been reported for practicing bad when it comes to following a cybersecurity protocol while handling data of US populace, thus exposing it to hackers. The report which was made public yesterday by US Senators Rob Portman and Tom Carper, the high ranking members and chairman of US Senate Permanent Subcommittee […]

North Korea uses Samsung, Microsoft and Apple technology to carry out Cyber Attacks

A recent study made on the cyberattacks launched by North Korea proves that the Kim Jong UN-led country employs hacking technology coming from the Donald Trump-led United States. A Massachusetts based Cybersecurity Intelligence company named Recorded Future has discovered in its research that North Korean government is using devices from Microsoft, Apple and Korea based […]

China to boost Merger and Acquisition deals in the United States

Chinese enterprises are showing a lot of interest in investing in companies operating overseas- especially in the United States. And according to a survey conducted by PwC, the trend is said to become more frequent and orderly in 2018. If investment figures of the current year are taken into account, China has so far wrapped […]

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