Details about Pentagon’s Zero Trust Office

American Department of Defense shortly and fondly known as Pentagon has announced that it is all set to launch a ‘Zero Trust’ office in December 2021 and the aim is to speed up the process of bolstering the current Cybersecurity postures of all organizations operating in/from United States.

‘Zero Trust’ is a kind of corporate policy that helps in preventing successful data breaches by weeding out the factor of ‘Trust’ from the corporate network architecture.

In simple words, Zero Trust is a kind of security framework where all users- inside or outside the network are granted an authenticated & authorized access with validated security credentials to those having access to applications or data.

Meaning, all those accessing the apps or data are verified and permitted while accessing the resources related to a network, hence, preventing a company from advanced cyber threats and data breaches, while complying with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and FISMA.

David McKeown, the DoDs CSO, has confirmed the news and added that a CIO will lead the office, followed by a yet to be named senior executive/s.

To those who are unaware of the latest, in May 2021 Biden Administration announced that every organization operating in America should implement a Zero Trust Security Architecture within a time frame of 60 days and that too under the guidelines suggested by NIST.

More details about the Office, and its operations will be updated shortly!

Note- In December 2020, a revelation made by security firm FireEye suggested that few of the servers related to SolarWinds software company were compromised by Russian funded hackers leading to a series of data breaches in all the firms operating on the SolarWinds business software. The list of affected organizations includes some of the big companies like Vmware, NATO, Microsoft, European Parliament, US Department of Treasury, US Department of Commerce….such. Initially, US former President Donald Trump blamed China for the cyber attack and later took the name of the Russia and held the Putin led nation as fully responsible for the digital chaos.

Naveen Goud
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