Zero Trust

The Security Step Too Many Companies Ignore: Tips for Micro-Segmenting Your Network

It just takes one glance at the headlines of any major newspaper to see the devastating effects of a cyberattack. Unfortunately, the steps organizations have taken in response range from putting their heads in the digital sand to implementing a sophisticated series of security tools and best practices. In recent years, one of the most […]

A Practical Guide to Applying Zero Trust Principles to Active Directory for Microsoft On-Premises and Hybrid Environment Protection

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is currently used by over 90% of large organizations. It functions as the ‘keys to the kingdom’ – a critical identity system that controls user authentication and permissions for the entirety of an organization’s resources and operations. The level of access Active Directory provides is immense, and unsurprisingly, it’s a hacker […]

Navigating the Future: Zero Trust and SSE in Cybersecurity Leadership Strategies

The cybersecurity landscape is undergoing a rapid and alarming transformation. The once impregnable castle-and-moat defenses are proving inadequate in this new hybrid world. This article delves into two potent concepts shaping the future of information security: Zero Trust and Security Service Edge (SSE). We’ll delve into their fundamental principles and demonstrate how they effectively tackle […]

Curbing Mobile Malware with Zero Trust: Enhancing Mobile Security

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, seamlessly integrating into our personal and professional routines. However, this increased reliance on mobile technology has also made these devices prime targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities through mobile malware. As the mobile landscape continues to evolve, traditional security approaches are often insufficient […]

How Zero Trust helps CIOs and CTOs in Corporate Environments

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity framework that can greatly support Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) in their roles of securing organizational systems and data. Zero Trust shifts away from the traditional perimeter-based security approach, which assumes trust within the internal network, and adopts a more holistic and proactive strategy. Here’s […]

Details about Pentagon’s Zero Trust Office

American Department of Defense shortly and fondly known as Pentagon has announced that it is all set to launch a ‘Zero Trust’ office in December 2021 and the aim is to speed up the process of bolstering the current Cybersecurity postures of all organizations operating in/from United States. ‘Zero Trust’ is a kind of corporate […]

Zero Trust Network Access with Bitglass

This post was originally published by Jacob Serpa. As the old adage goes, “Trust must be earned.” This proverb essentially means that trusting those who are not truly trustworthy can have harmful results. Interestingly, this wisdom is particularly applicable to cybersecurity. There are countless external (and internal) threat actors that would love to take advantage of overly trusting […]

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