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French Hacker transcends Aadhaar UIDAI helpline number to millions of Android phones in India

French hacker named Robert Baptiste, who tweets with pseudonym Elliot Anderson has once again proved that nothing can be concealed from the hacking world. The latest controversy which is supposed to be created by him or is supposed to involve him in one way or the other proves this instance to the core. It’s said […]

Apple and Google start finding leads into reports of CIA’s cyber attacking capabilities

Almost two days ago, Wikileaks revealed some files that claim that Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has the ability to hack and surveil android cell phones, iPhones, Smart TVs, Cars and all devices related Internet of Things (IoT). Reacting to the reports, Google and Apple have decided to start finding leads supporting these reports. As a […]

CIA can hack iPhones, Smart TVs and Whatsapp says WikiLeaks

For all those who think that they are using the most secure apps in this digital world, its time to think over it again. According to the latest reports published in the media from WikiLeaks, United States intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), has the potential to hack any iPhone, Whatsapp message and Smart TVs […]

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