CIA can hack iPhones, Smart TVs and Whatsapp says WikiLeaks


For all those who think that they are using the most secure apps in this digital world, its time to think over it again. According to the latest reports published in the media from WikiLeaks, United States intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), has the potential to hack any iPhone, Whatsapp message and Smart TVs in the whole world.

So, all you guys out there thinking that you are using the world’s more secure app for communicating with your peers ( like Russian Telegram service), maybe it’s time to think about it again.

As per a report published on Tuesday in DailyMail, WikiLeaks has published 8,761 documents and files claiming to be from CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. And in those files, it’s clearly mentioned that CIA has developed a malware which can snoop into any iPhone, Android phones, Microsoft, Mac, Linux Operating systems or smart TV and start recording their activities as evidence.

What’s more amazing is the fact that CIA can turn any electronic device in the world into a recording and transmitting station to spy on targets via a highly sophisticated malware.

The documents published by the scammed news resource also claim that CIA can break any encryption by hacking user related smartphones.

The leaked info from WikiLeaks also discloses the fact that US and UK secret operations have turned numerous smart TVs into a spy device. This includes the ones in Russia, Korea, Japan, China, India, Australia and Canada.

The WikiLeaks documents say that there were several accomplishments made by the US and UK authorities during a joint workshop held in June’14. The workshop which was organized by British Security Service in association with CIA revealed how Russia was spying into both nations’ federal secrets and how it was spying on its high profile actors related to the political and military field.

One of the files leaked by WikiLeaks also says how a switched off television can be used for spying activities, and how the US and UK intelligence authorities can remotely hijack connected cars of their choice.

WikiLeaks says that the leaked documents are just a part of CIA’s treasure trove and more secrets of this hacking arsenal are being circulated within the cyber security community. The website claims that CIA has so far produced more than 1000 malware systems, viruses, Trojans and other software that can penetrate and take control of victims within no time.

Naveen Goud
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