Spear Phishing attacks on Microsoft365 and Azure Accounts

Microsoft, the renowned technology giant based in the United States, has recently made headlines due to targeted spear phishing campaigns aimed at thousands of individual accounts utilizing Microsoft 365 and Azure Services. These attacks, which have been active since November 2023, specifically target sales directors, managers, finance professionals, vice presidents, presidents, as well as CTOs […]

Microsoft reveals a serious vulnerability hidden in its Azure Cloud

Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has warned all its users that there is a hidden vulnerability hidden in an Azure cloud that could leak user data to hackers. that is into the business of providing security to cloud users was the first to inform Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) about the hidden bug […]

Details about Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB vulnerability

Customers using Microsoft Azure cloud platform for their application needs are being warned against a new vulnerability that has been discovered recently by a security company named WIZ. The Cybersecurity firm has named the Cosmos DB vulnerability as ChaosDB vulnerability and warned that the flaw could have exposed content related to thousands of Azure clients […]

Microsoft creates AI based Fusion Ransomware detection for Azure Customers

Microsoft has unveiled a new service yesterday that is aimed to detect ransomware activities on its Azure cloud platform. A team of experts from the Satya Nadella led Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center have unveiled a Fusion detection service for ransomware that will use Artificial Intelligence technology to find potential attacks that need immediate attention from […]

Microsoft fixes Azure Login Vulnerability

American Technology Microsoft has released a press statement yesterday stating that it has fixed a flaw on the login system of its Azure cloud which could have put thousands of users at risk of being hacked.   After receiving a threat report from the researchers of Israeli based Cybersecurity firm CyberARK, Microsoft immediately analyzed and […]

Best practices for securing your Azure SQL

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. Azure SQL enables you to maintain the security, integrity and consistency of your data, which is critical when customer information is at stake, but it requires using a new approach to security. In Azure, you can have your SQL Server workloads running in a hosted infrastructure (IaaS) or […]

Securing your Azure Storage accounts

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. Enterprise data is growing exponentially and becoming more complex, making it harder to manage, and an even bigger challenge to store. That’s why more organizations are looking to public cloud storage options, such as Azure Storage, as a way to get the scalability, durability, maintenance and […]

Securing Azure Application Gateway

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. Web applications are becoming frequent targets of malicious attacks that exploit common vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection attacks or cross site scripting attacks, which makes securing your Azure Application Gateway more critical than ever. Preventing such attacks in application code can be a sizeable challenge, as […]

Sophos allows its business partners to become Cloud Security providers

Sophos, a UK based security Software, and Hardware Company have announced that it is expanding its partner’s program to offer training, certification and monetary help to channel partners who are interested in using or migrating to the public cloud. This will help the channel partners of the security firm to better recommend their respective customers […]

Microsoft offers Cloud Security solution to keep hackers at Bay!

Microsoft Corporation in association with Intel Corp. is all set to offer a cloud computing service enriched with powerful encryption that secures data from hackers and also US Government’s data collection efforts. Named as Azure Confidential Computing, the technology which is being offered by Microsoft will allow customers to place their most critical info on […]

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