Google admits advanced backdoors installed on Android devices

Google has declared on an official note that some of the low-end smartphones operating on Android OS might have advanced backdoors preinstalled in them from manufacturing factories. The internet juggernaut failed to address the names of the manufactures but said that it will take action against those which release mobiles into the market with Trojans […]

Russia invades into digital systems of Ukraine Government Agencies

Ukraine’s Computer Emergency Response Team along with Foreign Intelligence Service claims that a new strain of Pterodo Windows Backdoor virus was found targeting the computer systems of government agencies running in Ukraine. And the investigating officials suspect that this could be a conspiracy of Russia which could be planning large-scale cyber attacks in near time. […]

NetSarang Server Software is now loaded with Chinese Spying Software!

For all those who are using NetSarang’s server management software here’s a quick security alert from Kaspersky Lab. Researchers from the said security firm have discovered a backdoor, dubbed ShadowPad in the software suite used by hundreds of banks, energy firms and pharmaceutical companies operating in the United States and around the globe. Researchers from […]

backdoor for malware?

This post was originally published here by  Nat Kausik. Recently, a global airline deployed Bitglass.  The firm had strong solutions in place for malware and threat protection.  Top-shelf “Next-Gen” firewalls.  Yet, what they found surprised them. Cloud applications can be accessed from any device anywhere- managed devices with anti-malware software and unmanaged devices running naked […]

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